Dr. Kimberly Kalaja is a playwright, screenwriter, author, & Fulbright.

She earned her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Princeton University, an MA in Irish Literature from The Queen’s University of Belfast (Northern Ireland) and a BA in English from Scripps College (California).

After working for 25 years as a professor, teaching at Princeton, NYU, The University of Tirana, and in the U.S. Prison System, Kimberly now dedicates her time to writing.

She believes that stories are the foundations of identities — that they have the uncanny power to shape our realities — and is dedicated to crafting meaningful and entertaining stories that create self-awareness and initiate conversations about the way we define ourselves as local and global citizens.

She is committed to the free exchange of ideas among individuals and cultures, to the celebration of intellectual and cultural diversity, to open debate, and to freedom of thought and speech.