Night Moths on The Wing

(5m – 1f / 100 minutes)
When rebel General Victor Maylor is arrested and secretly delivered to an unofficial prison camp, he expects to be executed…but chief interrogator Michael Shaw does not want him dead–not yet. Shaw wants information and will do whatever he needs to get it. But while the men relentlessly engage in a battle of wills, are they blind to a more elusive enemy that could destroy them both?

*WINNER*  OC Centric New Play Contest 2016

*FINALIST* ScreenCraft Stage Play Competition 2021

​​*FINALIST*  NewWorks@TheWorks Playwriting Competition 2017

*​SEMI-FINALIST*  Shakespeare’s Sister Playwriting Award 2014


OC Centric New Play Festival 2016

Directed by Michael Serna

John J. Pistone (MAYLOR) and David Carl Golbeck (SHAW)
Shaw confronts a ghost from his past.
Left to right: Connor Dugard, Jazi Davis, Jeffrey Rolle, Jr.

​​*​OC Centric photos: Stephen Rack

“The play is a compact and compelling examination of two fundamental questions: who is trustworthy, and what is true. They are questions that we all could stand to examine a bit more closely, and works of art such as this play can aid in that process. Wherever you are, if you have the opportunity to see Night Moths on the Wing, or anything by the eloquent and thought-provoking Kimberly Kalaja, I recommend you take advantage of it.”

— Erika Maren Steiger, author



Reading directed by Courtney Oliver​



The New York Theater Festival 2015​  

Directed by Robert Castro

Hudson Guild Theater, New York, NY

Left to right: Courtney Stewart (TOKA), Alyssa Simon (SHAW)