The Shooter

(1f & 1m / 10 minutes)

​Overwhelmed by the terror and violence that have become the ‘new normal’ across America, one woman seeks solace in buying a gun for self-defense. But during her very first shooting lesson she begins to wonder if a gun will be enough to give her the comfort and connection she needs to survive in a changing world. 

*PRODUCED* INK ON TOUR May 14-28 2022 , East Anglia, England

*WINNER*  INK FESTIVAL 2020 (Festival Production April 2022)

*PUBLISHED* The Louisville Review 84 (Fall 2018)

*WINNER*  The Actors Studio of Newburyport ShortPlayFest 2018

*FINALIST* 2nd Annual Writer’s Voice Festival 2018

*SELECTED PLAY* ATHE New Play Development Showcase 2018 

*GUEST PLAYWRIGHT* Sheen Center for Thought and Culture 2017

*COMMISSIONED PLAY* New York Madness 2016



Directed by Ben Elder

KELLER — Holly Ashman


Ty — Chris Larner


New York Writer’s Voice Festival 2018

​​Directed by Kathy Gail MacGowan

photos: Megan Pirron

KELLER – Assol Abdullina
TY – Vince Bandille


The Actors Studio Newburyport 

ShortPlayFest 2018 

Directed by Adair Rowland

KELLER – Beth Randall
TY – Arthur Knight


Theatres of Revolution

ATHE Conference 2018

Left: George Nelson (TY), Tracy Liz Miller (KELLER), John McCaslin-Doyle, Kimberly Kalaja (Playwright), Suzanne Delle (Director)



Directed by Kathy Gail MacGowan

KELLER – Celestine Rae
TY – Michael Markham


New York Madness 2016

God in America

Directed by Melissa Skirboll

KELLER – Rachel Collins
TY – Charles Everett

“Madness: (Noun-jative): a raw and unpredictable workshop of short plays by an ensemble of emerging playwrights. The primary goal of Madness is the exploration of modern American Playwriting through the use of theatrical storytelling.”